Automated invoice creation

To automate invoice creation at regular intervals (ie weekly, monthly) for all your long-term rentals, follow steps below. This function is only available for rentals with one of the long-term rental types selected (Month End, Monthly Subscribed and Weekly Subscribed). This function is not meant for short-term rentals as the user can click Post button to post invoices to your accounting system as and when the rental is ready to be invoiced or use the Bulk Post function via manage posting screen.

The invoices are raised overnight around 1am in the user's time zone. Once an invoice is created, an

Configure Automated Invoicing in Company Configuration Screen

In the Company Configuration,

  • Tick box titled Enable Automated Overnight Invoice
  • Select the email template to use from Overnight Invoice Email Template dropdown
  • Select your time zone
  • Click Save button below

Viberent will then scan overnight any invoices to be processed on that day at 1am your local time. If there are, the system will create the invoice for the relevant period, post to your accounting system and email the PDF of the invoice to customer using the selected template.

Overnight Jobs Log

After the posting is completed, Viberent will log an entry in the Overnight Jobs Log screen in the Transactions menu.

Rental Screen

In the rental screen, there will be a comment entry to indicate the rental is processed via the overnight job.

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